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Professional cleaning services in Singapore are all around the city these days. However, not all of them provide the quality service that we are able to provide in 1cleaningsingapore.com.

Our full range of cleaning services is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We have cleaning packages that have a complete set of services required whether it’s a residential home or a huge commercial space.

For years, 1cleaningsingpore has been trusted by customers from families to corporations with our quality service. We have received a ton of compliments and positive reviews from hundreds of satisfied clients each year.

You can hire us for any of your cleaning needs. Whether you need home cleaning, part-time cleaning, spring cleaning, office cleaning, and other kind of cleaning package we have that for you. You can check out the full list on our services page.

No need to fret about scheduling because we give our customers the freedom to set the time and place and our professional cleaners will be there to deliver quality work. You can even request them to do the cleaning regularly with our special regular cleaning package.

This is the worry free cleaning service that you need. No hassle because it’s done online. You can expect quality service each time. We assure customer satisfaction because we are the number 1 professional cleaning service in Singapore and we want it to stay that way!