Post Renovation Cleaning Services

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Post Renovation And Post Move-in Services Singapore

Home renovation is an exciting time for homeowners but can also be very stressful. As the project comes to an end, the excitement mounts. Although it can be fun visualizing the results of the old, outdated design of our home being transformed into the brand new vision of your dreams without actually moving house, it is understandable that you would like to move back in and start enjoying the fruits of weeks or months of inconvenience and financial investment as soon as possible. But with home renovation, there is always the challenge of cleaning up the mess that builders leave behind.

Even though most renovation companies include a clean-up process in their contract, with all that drilling, hacking, plastering and workmen trudging dirt all over the house, tiny particles of dust accumulate deep in the crevices of your home that are hidden from the untrained eye. Builders also leave scruff and stain marks on the walls and doors and frames of a home. Whether fitted carpets have been covered or not, these will be deeply imbedded with a fine coating of sawdust and cement created during the renovation process.

The Reason for Professional Post Renovation Cleaning

Dust from harmful substances is harmful to the general health and well-being of you and your family, especially if someone has an allergy to dust. Whether you are having a partial or full-house renovation, the effect of excess dust in the home is the same, which makes thorough cleaning an absolute necessity.

After the overhaul of your living space, there is nothing like a professional clean-up to ensure that your home will be fresh, clean, and hygienic when you move in. This type of cleaning is specialized and an entire day is needed to accomplish the enormous task of cleaning every inch of space, from floor to ceiling. Cleaning is best achieved before the furniture and appliances are moved back in as bulky items can get in the way of a thorough cleaning session.

1 Cleaning Singapore has a dedicated, highly trained and experienced team of expert cleaners to dust, scrub, vacuum, and power clean your living space post renovation to make it look brand new. Each worker has been carefully trained and vetted to ensure the safety of your property and give you the peace of mind that your home cleaning is in the hands of professionals.

Post construction cleaning needs specialised tools and equipment, as well as advanced cleaning materials designed to offer the best modern cleaning service. 1 Cleaning Singapore has all the right equipment on hand our cleaners are highly skilled and trained in the use of industrial strength equipment and powerful chemicals to carry out any type of cleaning.

Post Move-in Cleaning Service

After the post-renovation cleanup and while you get busy reorganising and settling into your newly renovated home, 1 Cleaning Singapore can help you quickly restore your space to a liveable condition so that you can relax and enjoy your newly renovated home as soon as possible.

1 Cleaning Singapore offers the following post-renovation cleaning services:

– Removal of all debris left behind by workers.
– Removal of all dirt and grime from hardwood flooring and other hard surfaces
– Deep vacuuming of all surfaces including furniture, walls, and carpets.
– Hygienic cleaning of bathrooms, showers, kitchens, and appliances.
– Cleaning of all cupboards, drawers, and storage space.
– Spot cleaning of walls, ceilings, doors, door frames, skirting boards, and jams.
– Cleaning of all light switches, electric sockets.

Our expert team of workers is trained to remove all dust and grime from difficult-to-reach areas in every nook and cranny to a standard that delivers improved indoor air quality and premium hygienic conditions. Our low competitive rates are affordable and in no way reflect on the excellence and perfection of workmanship from our skilled cleaners.

Give 1 Cleaning Singapore a call for a free quote and talk to our friendly staff to find out how we can help you quickly and efficiently restore your home to meticulous perfection after renovation.

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